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30 day cosplay meme/put a number in my ask box(TUMBLR) 

(My rule: ONCE ASKED, I won’t answer again) 

1.Post a picture of yourself out of cosplay/a selfie. 

2.How long have you been cosplaying? 

3.Who do you cosplay (can be current of all time)?  

4.What was your first cosplay?  

5.What is your most recent cosplay? 

6.Favorite cosplay that you’ve done? 

7.How about your least favorite?  

8.Which cosplay was the most challenging?

9.What about the easiest? 

10.Do you ever do cosplay groups? 

11.Have you ever done a couples cosplay?

12.What does your family think of you cosplaying? 

13.How many of your friends cosplay? 

14.Who are some cosplayers you admire? 

15.What is your ultimate dream cosplay (or cosplays)? 

16.What are you currently working on? 

17.What are your current plans (as in, what does not fall into the previous two categories)? 

18.Let’s see a picture of your work area!

19.What would you consider your area of expertise (sewing, wig styling, prop making, etc.)? 

20.What are your working habits? 

21.What are your materials of choice? 

22.Do a closet cosplay! No cheating a wearing a costume you already have.  

23.What is one cosplay/kind of costume you’ll never do? 

24.What is your favorite thing to do at cons?  

25.Ever cosplay in public outside of a con? 

26.What has been your best cosplay moment to date?

27.Do you compete in costume contests? Have you ever won anything?

28.Where can you be found (tumblr,, dA, and so on)?

29.Do you run any sort of cosplay business like commissions? 

30.And finally, what sort of advice do you have for someone new to cosplay? 

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